Single in late november

Last adjustments on levels and sound then away on final mastering. It’s indeed hard to decide when a song is actually ready to release. In many ways a song is never finished, it continues to develop over time. Sometimes I think the best songs are those that live on through the evolution of time…

Anyway, if you are to relase songs and records for the public, you come to a point of final decision. Now we’ve reached and passed that point for the first singel. By the end of November Olgwi will releas the single King of Swing from the new album – an uptempo song with a dark or maybe ironic touch in the lyrics. The single as well as the album is the result of a very creative and inspiring collaboration with coproducer and fellow musician Nicke Widén. Very glad to have his musical talent and recording skills in full bloom on the album.

We’ll keep you up-dated with exact release date. Stay tuned! Here we go!