Rootstime.be review of “The Magic EP”

Today I have to try to tell you about a Swedish singer- songwriter that I had never heard of and which , moreover, hardly anyone to find something through modern media and information channels . Itself to date little Fortunately, it is still only an ep- tje with only four songs.

But the melancholic sounds and meaningful lyrics of those songs make it likely that ‘ Olof ‘ with the release of “The Magic EP ” still at the very beginning of his musical career is planned.

‘ Olof ‘ Olof Widenfalk , from the Swedish town of Uppsala and a man who has just started writing and singing quite audible conceived indie pop splashes influences from country and folk music are processed in 2010. The pedal steel guitar – just about the most recognizable instrument in country music – is also present throughout the four songs on this mini album . Olof Widenfalk plays all instruments that can be heard on these songs with the exception of pedal steel guitar which Nicke Widen creates an appreciated contribution.

Opening Number ” Magic” is a fairly cheerful song of a man who goes through life so happy because he can count on. Attention of a beautiful sweet uptempo charged About how everyone must constantly cope with the phenomenon of lack of time, sings ‘ Olof ‘ in the song “Time” , while the single ” Seven Things” then what is more natural to Americana.

In the promotional material accompanying this ep is stated that ” Olof ” is currently working on his first full studio album which will sometime come. By the end of September 2012 on the market We suspect that we are going to get a copy sent to Rootstime them , and we will then in due time also with a lot of fun on posts on this review pages. What you can expect from this man may be viewed now as, once and listen via the attached video of the song ” Drown ” , also the last track on this mini album.


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