King of Swing – Looking back, and forward

A little more than a month after the release of the single King of Swing
it is time to look forward, towards a new single release and a new album release.

However, first let us look back on some of the reviews of King of Swing: Very cool that so many international blogs wrote about the song, among other the Spanish music blog The JangleBox, which seems to have taken Olgwi to their hearts.

Another example is the British music blog Circuit Sweet, which also cited the Olgwi frontman Olof Widenfalk: ’Widenfalk claims the track to be “almost Almodovar-esque”, thinking of the famous movie director Pedro Almodovar’. Whatever that means…

King of Swing with its rather frisky, up-tempo style stood in stark contrast to previous Olgwi tracks. This was one of the main points of choosing it as the first single from the new album. Stark musical contrasts will indeed characterize the coming album Approximation. An example of that is shown by the choice of the second single release, Deep Wind. Deep Wind will be released on the 19th of February, available on Spotify etc, and is a calm, dark and low-key composition. A reflection over aimlessness and listlessness of the modern society and a quest for something else.