Olgwi started as a solo project of the Swedish musician Olof Widenfalk in 2010, creating songs with influences of folk, country and indie pop with a certain Nordic touch. Olgwi released the first songs in 2012, recorded together with Lina Widenfalk in their living room, with minimalistic acoustic arrangements and heart full lyrics. Since then a more diverse sound has developed, together with other musician and co-producer Nicke Widén. The single King of swing released 25th of November, is the first song from the new album Approximation coming in spring 2015.

Deep Wind

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  • Reginateatern


    Uppsala 2014

  • Seven Things

    Seven Things

    Youtube 2013

  • Lasse i parken

    Lasse i parken

    Stockholm 2013

  • Kafé delux

    Kafé delux

    Växjö 2013

  • Pub19


    Uppsala 2013

  • What if

    What if

    Youtube 2012

  • Hijazz


    Uppsala 2012

  • Gottsundadagarna


    Uppsala 2012

  • P4 Uppland

    P4 Uppland

    Uppsala 2012



    Uppsala 2012

  • Twang


    Stockholm 2012

  • Musikfabriken


    Uppsala 2011

  • What if

    What if

    Youtube 2011

  • Lasse i parken

    Lasse i parken

    Stockholm 2011

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